Business Overview

Thorough understanding of flash memory operation and characteristics

Flash memory is a non-volatile semiconductor memory that can store data with or without a power supply. Its ability to maintain data without power and provide random data access, similar to DRAM, makes it an ideal solution for data storage. Due to these characteristics, flash memory is commonly used in small digital devices such as digital cameras, mobile phones, and media players.

Despite the widespread use of flash memory in various digital devices and its rapid technological advancements in terms of density integration, it is crucial to have a solid understanding of the characteristics of flash memory and the necessary testing technology to ensure the production of reliable flash memory applications. Products developed without a proper understanding of the intricacies of flash memory technology not only result in defects but can also lead to data loss in the long term.

Technical expertise and businesses acumen in the development and production of flash memory applications

ARISTech boasts the highest level of technological capabilities and expertise when it comes to flash memory. With the help of our highly skilled staff members who have over decade of individual experience from both major Korean and foreign firms that develop and produce flash memory, we have designed and developed cutting-edge products such as the flash memory controller FPGA board, flash memory engineering tester, FTL algorithm, encryption technology, flash memory screen equipment, USB mounting tester, and more. Our technology is already being utilized within the industry and we offer technical services and business collaborations for the research and development of flash memory and production of related products.