Business Overview

Specialization in creating customized products tailored to our clients’ unique specifications, incorporating special features and software to meet specific needs

Flash memory application device is a data storage product that utilizes flash memory, including popular products such as flash memory cards (microSD, SD, CF, memory sticks), UFDs (USB Flash Drives), and SSDs (Solid State Disks) which are widely used today.

ARISTech is comprised of a team of researchers with extensive experience and skills gained from working at leading flash memory manufacturers in Korea and overseas. Leveraging this technical background, we are committed to producing and developing high-performance and high-quality flash memory storage devices. Our team’s deep understanding of flash memory and controller devices, coupled with our unwavering focus on the importance of data storage devices, enables us to deliver faster and more reliable products than our competitors.

Cooperation with renowned international controller manufacturers to create exceptional products, leveraging their expertise in product design and production processes

ARISTech provides 100% Korean-made products utilizing our own controller IC and locally-manufactured flash memory, including microSD, SD, and MMCplus memory cards, to both domestic and international markets. As a result of our proprietary controller technology, we are capable of satisfying our customers’ requirements by providing customized products equipped with unique features and software solutions.

ARISTech offers 100% Korean-made products utilizing its own controller IC and locally-manufactured flash memory for microSD, SD, and MMCplus memory cards to customers worldwide. By developing its own controller, ARISTech can customize products to meet specific customer needs and supply unique features and software.

Regarding UFDs, ARISTech collaborates with renowned international controller manufacturers to develop innovative products with exceptional design and production processes. As an OEM supplier, ARISTech offers high-performance UFDs at a lower cost compared to conventional products on the market, both locally and internationally.

Highest level of domestic technological expertise from focused research and development since before the popularization of SSDs

ARISTech is conducting extensive research and development on SSDs, which are widely recognized as the future of computer storage devices. Our products have already undergone rigorous reliability testing conducted by local PC manufacturers. Leveraging our technical expertise in controllers and flash memory, we consistently deliver superior products that stand out from those of our competitors. Moreover, we are exploring opportunities to develop specialized products and controllers that capitalize on our SoC capabilities.